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Home Remedies for Dry Hair - Natural Cures and Herbal Treatment

Dry hair gives the look of unwashed straw. Near the base the dry hair grows thicker but gradually towards the end the hair becomes thinner and results into splits of hair at the ends. This problem of the hair is caused due to the heat and the elements so to protect our hair we must prevent the condition of heat and the element. Hot dryers and the heat-styling implements must be avoided to protect your hair in a proper manner. If you are going to exposed to the sun or heavy winds for a long period then you must put on the scarf and the hat.

Our hair also becomes dry due to atmospheric pollution. In this condition we have to take some extra care of the hair. While washing your hair you must make use of shampoo and conditioner which contains humectants. To have an effective effect of the conditioner, leave the conditioner on your hair for longer time. Make a habit of doing deep conditioning treatment at least once a week.

Home remedies are very effective for treating the dry hair. Some effective and popular home remedy for treating dry hair -

1. Dry hair can be treated effectively by doing proper oil massage. It is done like nourishing as a warm oil massage. For this process take half a cup of coconut oil. Add 4 almonds in this oil after crushing it. Place this mixture in a pan and steam it. Apply this mixture deep into your scalp and into the roots of the hair in warm condition only. After applying warm oil cover your head with a towel and remain in this condition for half an hour. Wash your hair with shampoo.

2. Next home remedy for dry hair treatment is with the help of banana nourishing pack. Take two ripe bananas and mash it properly. Add half cup of beaten curd into the mashed banana and mix it properly. Apply this mixture to your scalp and also cover the end of your hair with this paste. Leave this paste for 15 minutes and then shampoo your hair in a routine way. A dramatic change in the texture of your hair can be noticed.

3. Take a cup of milk and add a beaten egg in it. Squeeze a juice of lemon in this mixture. You have to add also a teaspoon of olive oil or coconut oil. Massage this mixture properly into your hair and cover it with a towel. Leave your hair as it is for an hour then rinse it properly.

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Home Remedies for Hair Growth, Solution and Treatment

Especially women are fond of growing a longer hair but it is not possible for every woman to grow a longer hair affects the confidence and appearance of a person. The growth of a longer hair requires a lot of care and protection. So if you arte wishing for a longer hair then you have to take a proper care of your hair. Several home remedies are there which will help in the growth of a hair. Some popular home remedies which are recommended strongly for the growth of the hair are-

1. The growth of the hair is accelerated by increasing the intake of lettuce and spinach juice. The growth of the hair is also accelerated when our over all health improves. So it is necessary to improve the general health as it will create the conditions which are conductive for the growth of the hair. You must eat green vegetables and also consume juice of the vegetables as it will boost the immune system of our body. When we consume the juice which is prepared by the spinach and the lettuce our body immediately absorb the vitamins and the nutrients easily and promotes the growth of the hair.

2. Mixture of amla and lime juice is also very effective for the growth of the hair. When these two juices are mixed it acts as an effective hair loss prevention formula. This remedy requires no boiling and cooking and it is the easiest method to accelerate the hair growth. But the important thing is that you have to extract the fresh juices and then use these juices in addition to your shampoo and then wash your hair.

3. Application of the coconut milk on the scalp is one of the popular methods to promote the hair growth. The first step in this direction is to prepare a glass of coconut milk and then apply it on your scalp. Prevent the dropping of the coconut milk by wrapping your hair with towel all over the place. Wait for 15-30 minutes and after that rinse your hair with cold water and with the help of the mild shampoo in order to remove the coconut milk from your hair. It is an affective remedy which promotes the growth of the hair.

4. A paste made from grinded fenugreek seeds and water is also very effective for treating hair growth. It is very easy to prepare this paste as there is only one ingredients involved in it. Apply this paste properly to your scalp and after 15 minutes wash it off with cold water.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Herbs for Hair Loss, Herbal Treatments for Hair Care

A healthy growth of hair is a desired thing for everybody especially in women as the free flowing, shiny and beautiful hair describes her beauty as a whole. So if there starts a sudden hair fall it can be a nightmare to anybody and Alopecia in men is equally undesirable. People in general are rather conscious about their hair much more than the overall health.

Hair fall can occur due to indigestion, deficiency of nutrients in the body, sudden gain or loss in weight or due to prolonged suffering from any disease. Women generally face hair loss due to anemia or pregnancy. Side effects of any medication may also lead to hair loss.

Herbal Treatments for Hair Loss

Now-a-days a number of shampoos, hair potions, hair oils are promoted through the media and those are readily accessible to everybody. But whether those products are worth trying or not leaves much room for discussion. The naturally occurring herbs have been tested through ages and their efficacy is beyond any doubt.

1. Aloe Vera improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. It also prevents alopecia. Application of aloe directly on the scalp prevents hair fall and promotes growth of hair.

2. Arnica - Oil extracted from the dried arnica flowers has inflammable properties that reduce the dandruff making the scalp healthy helping in hair growth. This natural hair oil treatment also stimulates the hair follicles that strengthens the hair and even prevents premature graying of the hair.

3. Birch - Many people try the birch oil which is believed to promote hair growth and prevents sudden thinning of hair.

4. Green tea has catechins that reduce alopecia in males. Drinking 3-4 cups of green tea daily or taking green tea capsules is beneficial in treating hair loss.

5. Brahmi has antioxidant properties and it provides nourishment to the hair and promotes growth of the hair. Moreover it fights dandruff and prevents the hair from splitting.

6. Chamomile herb is good to fight dandruff and it also prevents dryness of the scalp. It strengthens the hair and cures the damage caused by some internal disorders.

7. Catmint herb is used for rinsing after washing the hair. This prevents itching of the scalp that prevents the hair loss.

8. Onion helps in hair growth if applied externally before washing off the hair. Onion is rich in sulphur which helps in the healing of any damage on the scalp.

Health of the hair largely depends on the general condition of the body. Eating nutrient rich diet, drinking plenty of water and having sufficient sleep all contributes to shiny and attractive mane.

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Herbal Remedies for Hair Thinning - Get Bouncy Healthy Hair

Gradual thinning of the hair is worrisome to many as a shining bouncy mane has a significant contribution in defining the beauty of an individual specially women. The thinning of hair results in low self esteem and people are always ready to spend good amount of money to restore the lost beauty either by purchasing expensive hair care products or going for special salon treatments. The result is sometimes satisfactory but in many cases these artificial treatments brings in frustration.


Very few people think of getting rid of the basic causes responsible for the thinning of the hair before starting the external applications, as the treatment should be carried out both internally and externally. Losing 50-100 hairs daily is normal and that does not lead to hair thinning as this loss is gradually replaced by a new crop.

Deficiency of vitamins and minerals, under nourishment, severe mental stress, prolonged illness, certain medications and hormonal imbalances are the main causes for the thinning of the hair, sometimes the genetic factors also contributing in it.

Herbal Remedies

Down through the history, the herbal treatments have been considered to be the most efficient way to enhance the beauty of the hair or to prevent its thinning out. Modern age people are also adopting the same treatments and the results are undoubtedly been satisfactory. Application of either the dried herbs or the essential oils gives good results in restoring the crowning glory. But the oils should be diluted before applying on the scalp.

1. Basil is an aromatic herb that soothes the nerves and relieves anxieties. Applying its juice on the scalp improves the blood circulation adding luster to the hair.

2. Burdock is rich in essential fatty acids and phytosterols that improve the scalp condition promoting hair growth. Its nourishing and antibacterial properties also help in removing dandruff.

3. Horsetail is rich in silica and phytosterols that keeps the hair follicles healthy and prevents excess oil secretion in the scalp.

4. Stinging Nettle prevents the hair thinning due to genetic conditions. It fights with the male hormone that is responsible for hair loss and shrinking of the follicles. Due to its antifungal properties it stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp.

5. Cedar wood oil has rejuvenating effects that helps in the follicle growth and improves the oxygen supply in the scalp.

6. Rosemary oil is sweet smelling oil that speeds up the growth of hair. It increases the moisture in the scalp and prevents dandruff.

7. Ylang ylang oil helps in stress reduction by relaxing the nervous system. It controls the production of sebum and maintains a healthy scalp for long time.

A balanced and nutritious diet must be accompanied with these herbal treatments to keep the hair beautiful and attractive for ever.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Natural Cures for Fungal Infection, Ringworm, Athletes Foot

Fungal infections are the combination of different types of infections and other types of which is caused by fungi. These types of infection are quite common and persistent. Even on the human body the infective particle of the fungi attracts towards the moist place where the circulating air is in less quantity. Some common types of fungal infection which infects the human body are athlete’s foot which affects the feet, jock itch which affects the region of groin.

The other fungal infection is known as ringworm. It appears circular on the skin and tends to appear reddish. It heals slowly. Usually ring worm infects the region of groin or you can say especially the moist area although it can affect any part of the body. Sometimes this fungal infection affects the bearded facial areas and the scalp. Due to this condition there may be hair loss. It can also cause vaginal yeast infection. Some of the characteristics symptoms of this infection are itching and irritation in the infected area.

It is very difficult for anyone to remain in this miserable condition. No one can live with this overgrowth problem usually known as yeast infection. Millions of people are affected by this infection all over the world. There are some natural remedies which are very effective to get rid from this nasty condition.

1. To prevent and cure fungal infection it is very necessary to clean our body properly. It is very important especially for children. Lots of toxins are present in our internal organs. So without cleansing it is not possible to prevent or cure fungal infection.

2. Personal hygiene is must to avoid or cure fungal infection. The area which is very sensitive and are risky to have fungal infection then that area should be kept dry by using talcum powder. The person susceptible to athlete’s foot must use an antifungal powder and also anti fungal socks. Always try to wear loose clothes, tight clothes should be avoided. Avoid sharing towels and clothes.

3. Natural products and herbal remedies must be used to prevent and cure fungal infection. These products and remedies give soothing effect and they also show an excellent result while curing the fungal infection.

You must try and apply all the natural remedies up to a stage and after that self treatment of fungal infection is in appropriate. You must consult to a doctor to cure this problem otherwise it will be problematic.

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