The Real Cause Of Hair Problem And The Solution

Herbal Hair Loss Treatment

Hair is an important composition of women dressing. A hairstyle can either encourage women face to be more gorgeous or low down women’s look. To create a beautiful looking, the health of hair is important. Hair care is then one of the most important steps of women beauty treatment.

Environment and lifestyle of women nowadays can damage their hair. The most problem found in women in the modern days are all the same worldwide. The solution is finding the cause of those problems and resolve it. The most problem on women hairs that irritate you can be solved, know what your hair problem is and just solve it by the cause.

Hair loss

Falling hair may results from the way you make your hairstyle. Pulling your hair back too tight or heavy pulling your hair in to a ponytail are the cause of hair loss. .

If your hairs are falling out because of heavy hairstyle, change your hairstyle which more relax your hair. You can also recover your hair by massaging your hair with a mixture of vitamin E and rosemary oil.

Also check out your diets, maybe you have not enough vitamin b which is necessary for strong hair. So ensure that your diet includes enough vitamin B complex which found in rice, bread, fruits, and some meat

Another cause of falling hair is the hormone levels decline. Most women in the menopausal years encounter the problem of thinning hair. Women in the age of twenties can find this problem if their hormone levels decline. So check the estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels with the doctor. The testosterone and the enzyme 5-Alpha-Reductase in hormone is a main cause in this case. If you have a problem with your hormone, the doctor will give some advice how to balance the hormone or keep it in normal level.

There are also specialist doctor for hair loss you can consult with if you can not really find out what is the cause of it.

Damaged hair because of coloring or other chemical substance

Coloring your hair can damage your hair as the two most destructive ingredients in color are ammonia and peroxide which can ravage even strong hair. Monoethanolamine is also another dangerous ingredient in the hair color products. It is not only harmful to your hair but also to your body. To avoid the possible damaged hair, you should also avoid color your hair. But if you need some color to cover your grey hair, you may use henna instead. The natural ingredients are more safe and can be a natural sun block for the hair as well. You can see it in the shampoo containing henna which can be used as well. For those who are willing to change the hair color, you may use the color products which is free of peroxide, ammonia, and.

Dandruff and itchy head

Dandruff is an accelerated renewal of the epidermis which process speeds up 14 days instead of 28 days. There are several cause of dandruff, mostly are hormonal imbalance and poor hygiene. But stress, nutrition, and the hair treating are also the cause of dandruff. The way of dandruff eliminating is still controversial.

However nowadays there are dandruff shampoos that make a good result such as nizoral and Head & Shoulders and etc. The main point is to select the mildest shampoo as the intense ingredients can cause drying which will make the flaking worse.

For the severe case, only shampoo will not help, you should go to see the doctor.

There are also some other alternative advice that the garlic and oregano oil are able relieve dandruff. It can be used internally and externally.

Other advice

Hair is also important thing so treat it carefully with high quality shampoo and always nourished it with conditioner. Beware of the hairstyling products which contains harsh chemical or harmful ingredients.

Hair is made of keratin, a form of protein. The best way to nourish it from the inside is always eat up meats, fish, eggs, and beans. The omega-3 fats which found in salmon, almonds, flaxseed oil, and avocados is also recommended. Also be sure you have a good enough nutrition everyday.

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