What Alternative To Propecia For Hair Loss?

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In searching for a viable alternative to Propecia, clinical trial results need to be compared in view of the impressive percentages recorded from Propecia's trials before FDA approval in 1998.

Around 83% of the more than 1,500 men who took part in the trials experienced positive results with Propecia, either keeping the hair they had or seeing increased density. Is there an alternative to Propecia which can match this?

Yes, in the form of NewHair Biofactors from Nisim International. NewHair Biofactors is a natural herbal product which includes a deep cleansing shampoo and a growth-generating extract.

Nisim International is a small company which operates from the Toronto area in Canada. It does not have the huge financial resources of Merck & Co, the makers of Propecia, and it has not put NewHair Biofactors through the lengthy and costly procedure necessary for FDA approval.

However, this alternative to Propecia has been on the market since 1993, (Propecia came out in 1998), and clinical trial results were published shortly after in the Medical Post Vol.29 pp61. of August 24, 1993. Copy and paste this link into your browser for the text of the article: http://www.4-hair-loss-solutions.com/baldness-medical-post.html

The results indicated that 85.7% of the 148 men involved in the test had an increase in the number of hairs, ranging from significant to moderate.

Here are a number of advantages to consider when weighing up the viability of NewHair Biofactors as an alternative to Propecia:

Propecia is a prescription only drug which needs to be taken orally each day while NewHair Biofactors is a non-prescription herbal solution which needs to be applied directly to the scalp each day.

Propecia can only be used by men and it is specifically for hair loss on the crown of the head and the mid-scalp area. NewHair Biofactors can be used by men and women and it is effective for hair loss on all areas of the scalp.

Propecia needs to be taken indefinitely to maintain hair growth and the long term side effects are not known. Short term side effects can include sexual dysfunction in a small number of users. NewHair Biofactors as an alternative to Propecia does not have any side effects and long term use to keep the hair and scalp in healthy condition is not a problem.

Propecia uses the drug Finasteride in 1mg daily doses to prevent the male hormone testosterone from changing to DHT, the main culprit in hair loss. NewHair Biofactors uses natural herbal ingredients to neutralize DHT on the scalp and in the hair follicle.

Propecia can be obtained from online pharmacies or through your local medical practitioner after a number of questions have been satisfied. If after 2 to 3 months no effect is seen, some suggest discontinuing the drug. The money spent is gone. NewHair Biofactors carries an unconditional, no questions asked, indefinite full money back guarantee.

A year's supply of Propecia can cost hundreds of dollars. NewHair Biofactors is available for at least half the cost.

As with any medication, the results seen will depend on the individual. No two people are alike and everyone reacts differently to medications and herbal solutions. So if you have been considering Propecia but found the long commitment and possible side effects a cause of anxiety, you may wish to consider NewHair Biofactors as a viable alternative to Propecia.

Use it for some months and if for any reason you are not satisfied, take advantage of the guarantee!

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