Some Common Faqs on Hair Loss

Herbal Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem and if not properly cured within time may cause complete baldness. It not only affects your look but also give rise to unnecessary stress. There are some frequently asked questions (faqs) on hair loss as well as hair growth. Let us know few of them.

Ques - I do excessive shampooing. Does it cause hair loss?

Answer - Excessive shampooing may damage your hair using the wrong shampoo, but it can not cause hair loss.

Ques - Do haircuts make hair grow faster?

Answer - All seen hair is, in fact, dead tissues. Haircuts only cut the hair to where the hair shaft is thicker. You may get the illusion that cutting the hair actually makes it thicker but the hair follicles are not influenced by it.

Ques - Do drinking and smoking affect hair loss?

Answer - Smoking, drinking and other bad habits such as bad diet may stimulate hair loss processes.

Ques - Do women who blow dry their hair have a higher chance to suffer from thinning hair or massive hair loss?

Answer - Blow-drying may damage the hair but can not cause hair loss.

Ques - Do excessive sex activity prevents hair loss?

Answer - Unfortunately, there is nothing between sex and hair loss.

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