How to prevent hair fall using herbs?

Herbal Treatment for Hair Problems

Hair is one of the biggest beauty assets and all of us want to make it more beautiful and healthier. This article will discuss about the hair composition and how herbal hair oil plays an important role in preventing hair fall. Hair mainly contains 97% protein and 3% moisture. The protein gives strength and moisture gives hydration. Each hair is an incredibly strong and resistant fiber, having a complete structure, which can be altered by our daily activities like washing, drying, blow-drying and chemically changing color and texture.

Below are the common characteristics of good hair:

- Elastic and stretch up to 30% beyond its normal length and spring back
- The ability to absorb and hold moisture up to 50% of its weight

Each hair comes out of the scalp through the hair follicle. The angle at which the hair comes out of the skin is directly related to the shape of the hair. Straight hair is round in cross section and shoots straight out from the scalp. Wavy hair is oval in shape and comes out of the scalp at a slight angle. Curly hair is flattened and comes out of the scalp at an extreme angle.

Each hair has its own blood, nerve, and muscle supply, found within the dermal layer of the skin. At the base of the hair follicle, embedded in the dermis, is the papilla, the “root” through which a rich supply of oxygenated blood feeds hair growth via blood capillaries. Blood is the communication link between the body and the hair.

Imbalances or toxicity in the body are interpreted and transferred to the hair through the blood supply. Stress, illnesses, hormonal fluctuations, pharmaceutical or illicit drugs, and poor diet all come into play in this integral part of nourishing hair growth.

Benefits of herbal hair oil in preventing hair fall

Hair fall is a disorder and common problem these days that is predominant in all age groups and in both sexes. This may be due to several factors like pollution, drug reaction, food adulteration, stress, tension, anxiety, disturbed metabolism, etc.

All these mainly act on the hair follicles and make them lose their luster and rejuvenating capacity. Moreover, the shampoos available in the market aggravate the situation rather than alleviate it.

The herbal hair oil works on the roots of the hair, strengthens, and replenishes the follicles and rejuvenates them and results in not only stoppage of hair fall but also helps in hair growth. Herbs used for preparing herbal hair oil are bhringraj, mehndi, amlaki, vasaka and kamboji.

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